We were launched at 1330 and set off down river with a fair wind behind us (Easterly F3) and made excellent progress down river. We were off Langbank by 1430 and of the Cloch lighthouse by 1700 having been becalmed for a time and had to resort to rowing. However the fair wind left us by the time we reached Kip and the new wind filled in from the South about a F4 so we started beating. Eventually even this wind gave out and we started rowing again to get round Toward. We had intended to pull the boat ashore at Toward Yacht Club and pitch our tent but by 2130 it was pitch black and we gave up and rowed across to Rothesay where we tied up in the harbour at 2230. We found a cheap boarding house, bought some chips and had a couple of pints before turning in. We had covered 30nm of which 5nm were under oar power! believe me that 9 hours in a dry suit  is no fun and we had to avoid drinking any fluids!