After a poor nights sleep between checking that the Nancy was ok at low tide at 3am and getting the shiping forecast at 0520 we set off at 0730. The wind was light from the North west but petered out after 1/4 a mile. Malcolm resorted to rowing and after a mile a wee breeze filled in from the SE f3. This was surprising as the forecast wind was NW 3/4 occasionally 5. After about half an hour we shook out the deep reef and our progress improved, Visibility was still poor but eventually we picked up Sleat Point and the wind backed to the NW f4. Progress was now superb and the Nancy surged forward at over 6kn shipping a lot of water over the gunwhale but nothing that the bilge pump couldn't cope with. Off Armadale the wind eased away to nothing and Malcolm resorted to rowing once again whereupon the SE 3 breeze filled in. This took us to Isle Ornsay by 1330 but it fell light again and we found ourselves becalmed and facing a foul tide at Kyle Rhea, We found a wee  bolt hole out of the tide and eventually by 1900 it turned in our favour and we beat through and up to Kyle of Lochalsh, rowing the final 500 yards to the pontoons and berthing at 2130.We were pretty cold and tired but Jane and Calum welcomed us with hot coffee and drams! It had been a very long . frustrating and tiring day but we had completed the Fourth leg and only the final 9nm to Plockton remained to be conquered. What a great wee boat! Once again it had been an amazing trip in such a small boat. Every goal is hard fought for but all the sweeter when achieved!